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Empowering Girls through Positive Role Models that Foster True Self-Esteem


HEARTLIGHT GIRLS™ is devoted to helping young girls develop “from the inside out,” at the core, where self-esteem begins, building a strong inner foundation prior to, and during, the self-questioning adolescent years.
Written by former international model & actress Debra Gano to share “What I know now, and wish I knew back then” by delivering the message: It’s What’s Inside That Counts!
By empowering and raising awareness of inner strength, girls become better prepared to navigate today’s changing, challenging world and are less vulnerable to the negative and unhealthy influences that bombard them daily in our culture at large.
While the media and our society often tends to focus on the external and superficial, HEARTLIGHT GIRLS™ books teachgirls to look within, into their own hearts, to find the ever-present light that is our essence and strength.


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Heartlight Girls Series Book 1


Beautys Secret

A Girl’s Discovery of Inner Beauty

Beauty’s Secret is an inspiring story of a sweet girl named Beauty, whose enthusiasm for life lights up the world around her. However, her light dims as she becomes overly focused on her external appearance. Journey with Beauty through an enlightening experience, one that leads her to remember the truth about herself.

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Beautys Secret Critical Acclaim




Debra Gano, author of Beauty’s Secret, discusses her journey from internationally known model & actress to self-esteem advocate for girls.